Mitch Murder Cinemagraphs Tutorial

In this tutorial I’m going to teach you how easy it is to make a gif from any video source. I’ve always thought cinemagraphs (cinematic infinite looped gifs) were really cool and I’ve been using them as my Android wallpaper for the past year (you can do the same with the free app in the android play store called AnimGIF Live Wallpaper). Check out the cinemagraphs subreddit  for cinemagraph examples.

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DIY: VZ Panel – Reflective Safety Panel

The VZ Panel is a cool safety device I made and have been developing on and off over the last year or two. The project started with a discarded sheet of 3M roll up sign material. There was a lot of road construction around my building and I was lucky enough to find two of these discarded damaged signs to work with.

Without getting to into the science of retroreflective materials, they were essentially inspired by the reflective nature of cat eyes. Little prisms are cut into the surface of reflective material, which bounce a higher amount of incoming photons back at the light source. You know what I mean, you see it every day on the road. Continue reading

Unified Theories

Let the image of the isometric vector matrix embed itself in your minds eye. It is hypothesized by theoretical physicist Nassim Haramein to be the underlying fractal structure of our universe. In the search for a ‘unified theory of everything’ string theorists and supersymmetry proponents joust with traditionalists and quantum theorists over what direction theoretical physics will move. It’s a tumultuous time for theorists as new discoveries at the mystical LHC prove or disprove theories on the mystery of reality on a daily basis.
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