• aaaiiirrr

    aaaiiirrr.org was created to educate people about air pollution and what you can do about it. We also share plans for air purifier designs so anyone can build their own affordable air purifier. Watch this video interview for an overview of the project.
  • VZ Panel

    The VZ Panel is a cool safety device I've been developing on and off over the last few years. I found out about VS Panels used in the military for all kinds of purposes. The story that I read was of a SEAL sniper team was using one to prevent one of our own Apache choppers from mowing them down. This got my attention, I thought about a simple ultralight hi viz panel that could be used in a multitude of situations. I realized I didn’t want a hi viz bag, I wanted a low viz bag (or jacket) with the option to blend in, or be seen when necessary. The applications are really endless, from night running to backup safety when you’re rear light battery dies, to temporary signage. Once you add stencils to the mix you’ve got a hi viz canvas to work with (something like <—- three feet to the left please) or (FREE.99 is one I always like too). See the full DIY instructions on instructables here.